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This page displays a few of the many items we have had the opportunity to build that have little in common with the boats that make up the rest of our business other than being constructed of wood and being designed using one of the same programs. A link has been provided at the bottom of the page to a .pdf version of our brochure, pricing included here is to give an indication of our price point.

 Prices vary depending on your needs and the woods used, as each piece is custom made to suit your needs, there is no one size fits all, take what is in the box solutions. Send us a note or call to discuss your needs, discounts available on some items when purchased in quantity.

We use a combination of plywood and solid lumber as needed for the item being constructed, much of the children's furniture is constructed using Baltic Birch plywood sealed with low VOC water based finishes.

Art tableArt table: Space for two preschoolers, with pencil holders, cork board and paper storage. Size shown L 122cm [48in] x W 51cm [20in] x H 53cm [21in] (height is to top of table).

Climber with slideClimbers available with or without slide, heights of 61 and 91cm [24 and 36in], 91 to 122cm [3 or 4 ft] wide, with or without slide. Slide has cleats on one side to aid climbing, other side is smooth.                              

Drying RackDrying rack, made to store children's paintings out of the way while the paint dries. Has nine slide out shelves, unit was made to fit under a shelf in a closet.

toddler table Toddler Table We  offer a variety of tables, from toddler to preschool, including sensory and picnic tables.

pre school table61cm [2 ft] x 122 cm [4']

Length and height to suit your needs.

Sensory TableDouble Bin Sensory Table 

Patio TablesPatio Tables

From 61 to 107cm [24 to 42"] in height, heights shown 61 and 122cm [24 and 36"], tops shown 61and 71cm. [24 and 28"].

 toddler ChairToddler Chairs  / Adding Straps and Buckle

 Seat height 22 cm [8 3/4"]

pre school chairPreschool Chair  / Toddler   / Adding Straps and buckle $15                          Chair as shown has a seat height of 30 cm [12"] chairs can be ordered with seat heights to suit child's age.

We have constructed a variety of shelving and storage units from under counter units to hold small parts in shoe box sized containers to a wall unit made to with 18 separate compartments, to small shelves to hold fans and radios.       

  shelf unit   

Shelf shown 152 cm [5 feet] in length 71 cm [28in.] tall $620                        


corner shelfCorner shelf this unit is 193 cm [76 in] long on the long side and 76cm [30in] on the short side and 53 cm [21in] tall. $850                                                                                                              

book shelf  Bookshelf $250 the shelf shown is 24" [610mm] tall and 30" [760mm] wide

Wheeled storage Bins: Bin shown is 41 x 41 x 61cm [16 x 16 x 24in.] $125

storage bin

Privacy cube

 Privacy Cube 30" [760mm] square $ 275

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