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This page covers those boats that do not fit into either the canoe or kayak categories,  styled like kayaks but are open with the paddler sitting down inside the boat using a double paddle.

Steel River 12

This particular design is aimed at kayak fisherman, the boat has a mid deck for mounting gear, and a well aft for carrying everything you need for your day on the water. The ends of the hull are sealed off to provide plenty of flotation in case of swamping.

Steel River twelve
Length: 12'    3.66m
Beam: 31"    79cm.
  Recommended Load Range:190 to 270lbs.  86 to 123kgs.
PPI: 95lbs.   42kg.

Plans $100/ Custom built starting @  $3,110

Killarney Series

This series is aimed at those who like to camp but do not want to have to pack all their gear into the small hatches in a kayak these open boats have been designed so that your gear can be put in a pack behind your seat. These boats will give you more kayak like performance and are propelled using a double blade paddle.

Killarney 10

Killarney ten
Length 10'     3.05m
Beam: 26"    .661m
Weight: 34lbs. 15.4kg.
Recommended Load Range: 120 to175lbs.   54 to 80kgs.
PPI: 65lbs.   36kg.
Plans $90 include full size patterns/ Custom built @ $2,900

Killarney 14

Killarney fourteen
Length: 14'    4.29m
Beam: 27"    .686m
Weight: 46lbs.   21kg.
  Recommended Load Range: 200 to 290lbs.    90 to 132kgs.
PPI: 92lbs.    42kg.
Plans $90. / Custom built @ $ 3,425
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