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There are two ways to order a kit; clicking on one of the direct links to Noah's Marine or, contact us directly, if you follow a link to Noah's there is no need to take any further steps as the plans are included in the price of the kit, with exception of custom and the customization of stock designs.

Where there is a kit price but no link, the design, plans and kits are ready but not yet posted to Noah's web site, contact us or Noah's to place an order, if no kit price is listed send a note and we will get back to with a price and timeline for availability.

If you see a boat that is almost what you are looking for, contact us and we can discuss the modifications it would take to make the design you are looking at the boat that you desire.

Noah's bills for the kits when they are going to be cut, if you are dealing directly with me the billing for the kit will done by them when they are ready to cut.


Shipping costs vary significantly if you are concerned about the price of shipping contact us and we will send you a quote, shipping costs are in addition to the cost of kits or plans.

Custom/Semi Custom Design Services

Should you have an interest in having either a custom design completed for you, email or call us to discuss your needs. 

Some of our designs such as the Sport and any of the hybrid models suit themselves well to modification of the deck in particular to add extra legroom for longer legged paddlers. These modifications can often be done at minimal cost, in the case of the Sport designs there may a previous modification that will suit your needs, send us a note to let us know your needs.

 Boats For Sale

We always have a shed full of boats, if you are looking for a boat and don't have the time to build one yourself and would like to save a few dollars off the cost of a custom build purchasing one of these may be your answer, contact us to discuss your options. Some of these are posted in the Sale Bin and we will send you a list of the boats available, if you have a particular model in mind inquire and we will let you know if we have one in stock and its asking price.

Custom Builds

If you wish to purchase a completed boat contact us to discuss price and timing, use the Buy Now button below to place a deposit. This is set at $500, a second payment is due when the build begins, these first two payments are to cover initial outlay costs, any design fees in addition to this must be paid as agreed, the first two payments and any design fees are not refundable. The cost for custom orders are set when the order is finalized, all payments including shipping costs must be received before the boat is shipped.


Builds are scheduled based on available shop time and undertaken in order, based on the receipt date of deposits taken and the completion of any required design work.

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