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Some boats on this page are intended for hybrid construction, the Sport series can be built with either plywood or strip decks.

Aulavik 11
Aulavik 11 picture

This is our latest kayak design and is currently only available as a completed boat, contact us to discuss timing and construction options.Unlike many smaller boats out there this boat boasts both bulkhead and a storage hatch. There is a short video of this boat on our Facebook page which you can reach using the link on our home page. Please note that this is a truly composite boat being built using plywood,cedar,epoxy, glass cloth and carbon fiber.

Length:  11ft.  3.35m.
Beam: 23 in.   58.5cm.
Weight: 23 lbs.  10kg.
(Weight given is for lightweight version)
Recommended Capacity: 130lbs.   59kg.
PPI 57lbs.   26kg.
 Massasauga 12
 Hybrid built using a stitch & glue hull with a cedar strip deck.
Massasauga 12
Length: 12 ft 10"    3.925 m
Beam: 25 in.    .635 m
Weight: 38 lbs.    17.2 kg.
Capacity:170 lbs.    77 kg.
Cockpit depth: 11in.   28 cm.
PPI : 72 lbs.   33 kg.
Plans $85 / Kit $1045
Massasauga 12

Aulavik 18
  Hybrid design in the Greenland style of boat.
Aulavik 18
Length: 18' 8"   5.69 m.
Beam: 23.75"    .602 m.
Weight: 52 lbs.    23.5 kg.
Capacity: 270 lbs.    123 kg.
Cockpit Depth: 12.375"   31.4 cm.
PPI: 99 lbs.  44 kg.
Plans $110 / Kit $1,208
Aulavik 18

The remainder of the designs on this page are listed by size and model.

Smallwaters 8

Intended for children it has a large open cockpit which is easy to get in and out of. The ends of the hull are filled with closed cell foam for flotation the boat  is built from a single sheet of 3-mm plywood.  Plan sets for scratch builders come with full patterns.

Smallwaters 8

Length: 7' 10"    2.39 m.
Beam: 21.5"    .547 m
Weight: 16 lbs.    7.5 kg.
Capacity: 90 lbs.   40 kg.
PPI: 42 lbs.   19 kg.
Plans $60
Kit $ (call)

Little Lake 10

This boat serves smaller paddlers looking for a boat that they can carry themselves offering good handling and stability. The  boat except for the cockpit coaming is made from two sheets of 3mm marine plywood. Plan sets for scratch builders include full patterns for the hull panels, bulkhead, and coaming eliminating the layout work many find intimidating.

Little Lake ten

Length: 10'    3.05 m. 
Beam: 22.5"     .572 m
Weight: 28.5 lbs.    13 kg.
Capacity:148 lbs.    67 kg.
Cockpit depth: 10"    25 cm.
PPI: 58lbs.   26kg.
Plans $85 / Kits $867
Little Lake 10

AuSauble Series

This series is available in three sizes to suit a wide variety of paddlers. In addition to be easily paddled they are designed for ease of construction, they are built without a strongback and with a simple, slightly cambered plywood deck.

AuSauble 14
AuSauble 14

Length: 14'    4.27 m.
Beam: 22"    .559 m
Weight: 37 lbs.    16.8 kg.
Volume: 195 lt.
Capacity 163 lbs.   74 kg.
Cockpit Depth: 10"    .254 m
PPI: 70 lbs.   32 kg.
Plans $85 / Kits $798
AuSauble 14

AuSauble 16

Ausauble eightteen render
Length: 16'    4.88 m.
Beam: 23"    .584 m
Weight: 45 lbs.   20.4 kg.
Volume: 232 lt.
Capacity:192 lbs.   87 kg.
Cockpit depth: 11"    26 cm.
PPI: 88 lbs.    40 kg.
Plans $100 / Kits $923
AuSauble 16

AuSauble 18
AuSauble 18
Length: 18'    5.48 m 
Beam: 23.5"    .599 m
Weight: 52 lbs.    23.6 kg.
Volume: 374 lt.
Capacity:319 lbs.    145 kg.
Cockpit depth:11"    28 cm
PPI: 100 lbs.    45 kg.
Plans $110 / Kits $997
AuSauble 18

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The capacities listed are simply our recommendation for optimum loading, maximum capacity will be higher, in most cases much higher.

The pounds per inch immersion PPI will give you an idea of the effect of loading on each boat. Using The Massasauga 12 as an example that boat will settle one inch [25mm] deeper in the water if the boat has 72 pounds [33kg.] added to its load.

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