Render of Muskokan 18 canoe

Our range of canoes is undergoing an expansion based on the increasing interest in smaller, pack style solo canoes, we have designed three models  to be built using epoxy/strip construction. The rendering in the header is the Muskokan 18 a boat that as of this writing has its design complete. More information on this design and drawings to enable an experienced builder to complete this project are available, please contact us if interested.

As we convert plan sets to a book format we will be able to offer you a number of  options, these are to buy the book on its own which contains the information needed to build that boat, or a full plan set which is the book plus a set of full size patterns for the building molds. Other options for experienced builders who do not need the book is to buy a PDF set which contains drawings for the layout of the hull plus other required information such as mold spacing, or you can purchase the full size pattern package which contains the patterns as well as the other required information.

The final option is the purchase of a kit which includes a full plan set. Should you purchase the book alone and wish to add a set of full size drawings at a later date, simple send us an e-mail and we will make arrangements to get a set out to you, these are $35 plus shipping.

Please contact us directly to order the pdf version as PayPal automatically adds shipping which does not apply to these as they are delivered electronically.

NOTE: With all building projects weight can and will vary from that given, that is particularly true of the canoes as building methods, materials and technique can vary widely from boat to boat. As you will see down the Vuntut 12 and 14 are listed as being close in weight this is because the prototypes where built using different materials.

CNC cut molds are available as on option for all the canoes price will vary but will cost about $200.

Vuntut 10

Vuntut ten hull glassed
         Length: 10 ft.     3.05 m.
         Beam: 24 in.     60.9 cm.
         Weight: 26 lbs.   12 kg.
           Displacement @ 2in. [50mm] 68 lbs.    31kg.
           Displacement @ 3in. [75mm] 124lbs.    56kg.
           Displacement @ 4" [100mm] 184 lbs.    84kg.
Hull Depths: Bow 12.9" [32.8cm] ---- Mid 10.1" [25.6cm] ---- Stern 12" [30.5cm]
Recommended Capacity 140 lbs. 64kg.

        Full Plan Set: $ 70 (includes book and full size patterns)


                        Book or Patterns Package $34.95 (please specify when placing order)

Kit $1099 - contact us for a price that includes shipping

Vuntut 12

Vuntut twelve canoe
Length: 12 ft.     3.66 m.
Beam: 25 in.   63.5 cm.
Weight: 34.5 lbs.   15.6 kg. 
Displacement @ 2 in. [50mm] 95 lbs.   43 kg.
Displacement @  3 in.  [75mm] 163 lbs.   74 kg.
Displacement @ 4 in. [100mm] 237 lbs.    108kg.
      Hull Depths: Bow 15.5 in./39.4 cm. ---- Mid 11 in./ 28 cm. ---- Stern 14.375 in./ 36.5 cm.
Recommended Capacity 244 lbs.   111kg.

         Full Plan Set $ 70 (includes book and full size patterns)

           Book or Pattern Package $ 34.95 (please specify when placing  order)

Kits $1199 - contact us for a price that includes shipping

Vuntut 14

Vuntut 14

Length: 14 ft.     4.26 m.
Beam: 28.8 in.   73.2 cm.
Beam at Sheer: 27.4 in    69.5 cm.
Weight: 39 lbs. 17.7kg (42 lbs./ 19kg. will be a more common result)
Displacement @ 2 in. [50mm] 109 lbs.   49 kg.
Displacement @  3 in.  [75mm] 193 lbs.   87 kg.
Displacement @ 4 in. [100mm] 284 lbs.    129 kg.
   Hull Depths: Bow 17.8 in./ 45 cm. -- Mid 12.5 in./ 32 cm. -- Stern 16.7 in./ 42.4 cm.
  Recommended Capacity: 379 lbs. 172kg.

Hull number one is being completed and we are now able to offer to experienced builders a plans package consisting of full size patterns as well as a few building notes to aid in construction.There are pictures posted on our Facebook page of the construction.

Full plan sets for those who desire them will be ready in the late summer or early fall,kits will be as listed below.

Kits $1399

Touring Canoe

This boat can be built at either 15' 9" or at 16' 9" long the difference is simply the spacing of the building molds and a slight increase in the material required to construct the hull. This boat was reviewed in Rapid Media's Canoeroots Magazine.

Touring CanoeLength: 15.7 ft.   4.79 m.
Beam: 33 in.   .838 m.
Weight: 58 lbs.    26 kg.
Displacement @ 4 in. [100mm] 450 lbs.   205 kg.
Displacement @ 5 in.  [125mm] 580 lbs.   263 kg.
Displacement @ 6 in. [150mm] 721 lbs.    327 kg.

 Hull Depths: Bow 18.5 in./ 46.9 cm. -- Mid 14.5 in./ 36.3 cm. -- Stern 17.4 in./ 44.3 cm.
Recommended Capacity: 860 lbs. 390 kg.

Plans $70

Kits $1599 - contact us for a price that includes shipping

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