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In addition to the 14.5 foot cedar strip/epoxy Expedition SUP design and the various models that have been developed based on that hull we are designing a 12.5 foot model, the plan is to offer a similar series of model options for the 12.5 as we do for the 14.5. These will only be available as kits, the construction method for the structure does not lend itself to being cut by hand, and CNC cutting greatly eases the building process. Kits contain in addition to the parts required for the build a CNC cut mold system. Kit contents can range from the CNC cut parts for the mold and structure to complete kits that contain all the pieces required to build the model you choose.

We have written an addendum to the plans for those who may wish to add a cedar strip deck in place of the plywood deck that is included in a standard kit. Changing the deck will result in a increase in the weight of the board, those wishing to compromise between weight gain and the ability to customize their SUP may wish to opt for just changing the fore deck to cedar.

Expedition/Explorer/Excursion 14.5

 The three Sup's listed above are all based on the same hull, the differences are in  the deck is layout. There can be some further variation of each model caused by the type of fin chosen. Because of this please download a study plan to investigate your options, as the choices made influence the contents of the kits and it  ranges from difficult to impossible to build another version of the SUP from a kit designed for a different model. Plans are nearing completion and once we have the various versions of the board priced we will be able to make these available. If you are interested in learning more the study plan is now available for download from the study plans page.

Picture is of Expedition 14.5 with lifting fin.
cedar strip sup
Length 14.5 ft.   4.42 m.
Width 31.5 in.   80 cm.
Board Depth 7 in.   17.75 cm.
Displacement @ Designed Waterline (3.5in./ 9cm.)
300 lbs.   136 kg.
Maximum Recommended Capacity
425 lbs.   193 kg.
$ Coming Soon

Northern Light 3.8 Sport

3.8 sport render
This board is unlike the others in the Northern Light series in that it has been designed to have a fin box installed to allow for the use of commercially available fins. This board also has a more streamlined and more of a 'boat shaped' hull than the other boards in the series.

12.5ft. 3.8m 
Width 29"  73.7cm
Hull depth 7.25"   18.4cm
Displacement @ 2.75" [7mm] 200 lbs.   91 kg.
Weight Range  150 to 250 lbs.  68 to 114 kg.

Kit $1,010

Custom Built Starting @ $ 2,500

Northern Light 12.5

Northern Light 12.5 paddle board

               Length      12’ 6”           3.81m                
Width            32”             .812m
Board Depth  6.25”         16cm
      Weight Range 160 to 200 lbs. / 72 to 91kg.
Kits $925
Custom Built Starting @ $ 2,250

 Northern Light 10.5

                                                        Northern light 10.5 paddle board                                              
  Length      10’ 6”           3.2m
      Width            30”             .762m
      Board Depth  5.5”             14cm
Weight Range to 120 to 160bs. / 54 to 72kg.

Kits $ 895

Custom Built Starting @ $2,100

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