Header paddle boards structure

 We are introducing two paddle boards designs, these boards are of the displacement type and are meant as touring board designs.The boards will only be available as kits as the construction method for the structure does not lend itself to home building but does greatly ease the process of building from a kit. In the header we have included a rendering of the structure which is assembled egg crate style which speeds and simplifies construction.

Northern Light12.5
Northern Light 12.5 paddle board

               Length      12’ 6”           3.81m                

Width            32”             .812m

                                           Board Depth  6.25”         16cm

      Weight Range 160 to 200 lbs. / 72 to 91kg.

Kits $760  /  Custom built  @ $1,949

 Northern Light 10.5

                                                        Northern light 10.5 paddle board                                             
Length      10’ 6”           3.2m

      Width            30”             .762m

      Board Depth  5.5”             14cm

Weight Range to 120 to 160bs. / 54 to 72kg.

Kits $ 735 / Custom built @ $1,849

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