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Simple Series

We designed this series for those who wanted to to build simple inexpensive boats using wood  purchased at the local lumberyard. While this was the intention that does not mean that if you desire to do so that you can't buy some marine ply and epoxy and use those materials to construct one of these boats.       

The first two boats designed where Simon and Simone. Simon was aimed at getting as much boat as we could from one sheet of plywood and Simone was to see how much boat we could get from two sheets. In order to increase the longevity of the boats we sheath them in polyester resin, which is the simplest and least expensive of the resins. Sam was designed later to fill the size gap between the other two boats as the result of a request for a boat in that size range using the same.


Each boat has bulkheads forward and aft to provide flotation should they get swamped.


The boats all have simple seat backs constructed from materials left from the boats construction, with the paddler sitting on the bottom of the boat. Simone has the option of having a hatch installed in the aft deck to add some storage capacity. There is the option to install side decks or just fore and aft decks to provide the tops of the flotation compartments.


Each of the plan sets includes plans for a simple paddles made from lumberyard materials.

There are no kits available for the simple series designs, but you can for $15 add a set of full size patterns to your purchase to further simplify the building process. The button to purchase patterns is located at the bottom of the page and when coupled with your plans order will let us know which patterns you need. 

Simple Simon

Simple Simon

Length: 7' 8 1/4"    2.34m

Beam: 21"    .533m

Recommended Load Range: 40 to 85lbs.   18 to 39kg.

Plans $25

Simple Sam

Simple sam rendering

Length: 10' 2"    3.1m

Beam:24.5"    .622m

Recommended Load Range: 70 to 120lbs.    32 to 54 kgs.

Plans $25

Simple Simone

Simple Simone

Length: 12' 9"    3.88m

Beam: 24"   .610m

 Recommended Load Range: 120 to 180lbs.   54 to 82kg.

Plans $25

There are full size patterns available for each of the above designs for an additional cost of $15. 

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