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We always have a number of boats in the boat shed, pieces of gear and odds and ends from the Shoots 'n' Cuts part of the business, while we have always offered items for sale at shows we decided to put together this page, listing  some of the items that are available.

The boats on offer are demos and prototypes and offered at significant discounts, some items are left from shows and are new.

Contact us if something here or on the site has caught your eye send us a note and we will let you know if it is still in stock.

More information can be found on the appropriate pages of the web site or in either our boat design catalogue or the Shoots 'N' Cuts brochure. Click on the links below to open either of them.

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Vuntut 10 Vuntut 10 solo canoe, cedar strip  $2200

  Vuntut 14,   pack/solo canoe, cedar strip $2700

Sport 17Sport 17 prototype, multi chine hull, plywood deck, $2250

Sport 15 prototype, red painted,multsport 15i chine hull with cedar strip deck.$1750

Aulavik 11Aulavik 11 prototype- lightweight cedar/ply/carbon construction $1200

Aulavik 18 picAulavik 18 prototype, $3,750, cedar strip deck single chine plywood hull.

Massasauga 12 mass 12 picprototype, $2,000, single chine hull, cedar strip deck.

display tables

Flat pack tables, these have been used to hold brochures at shows, made of Baltic birch, top has been stained. Size can be varied to suit customer needs. More info including a video is on our Facebook page, picture is a link to our page.

Short Table 60cm [24"] tall, top 71cm [28"] diameter. sold

Tall Table 91cm [36"] tall, top 61cm [24"] diameter $140

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