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The focus of this website and our business is boats that not only live in your backyard but may also be constructed there. Built of wood,by people like you, who with some time, drive, common sense and the ability to use basic tools desire to construct a boat. Beginning with a kit or from scratch using just a set of plans to guide them they have a common goal getting on the water in a craft they have put together themselves.

One of the lines of information included under many of the boats you will find included on this web site starts with the letters PPI this is the pounds per inch immersion of the boat. The amount of weight it will take to sink the boat one inch or 2.54 cm, this is included to give you an idea of the effects of loading up the boat. If you when you normally paddle the boat it is loaded close to it's capacity and you go away for the weekend and need to add 50 pounds of weight to a boat with a PPI of 75 pounds it will settle in the water just less than 3/4" or about 2cm. So you will know that if the boat is properly loaded it should handle the weight well with little difference in handling or freeboard.

Kit Orders

We have partnered with Noah’s Marine Supply in Toronto to supply our kits, this allows us to offer kits at a much more competitive price point then we are able to on our own. While your kit will come from Noah’s plan support will still be with us should you have build questions we are just a short e-mail or phone call away.

You can order kits directly from Noah’s web site or place an order through this site by placing a deposit on a boat using the Buy Now button on the order page. As each kit becomes available directly through Noah' s the kit price will be underlined and appear in blue as do links on most sites, simply clicking on the highlighted kit price will then take you directly to the proper page on the Noah's Marine  web site.

Should you wish to simply prowl around Noah's sit to see what they have to offer click on their logo on the left side of the page and it will take you directly to the opening page of their e-commerce site.

We do try to keep the kit prices as listed on these pages up to date, should there be a discrepancy treat the Noah’s site as correct.

Keeping Up to Date

CLASSES: We have posted the information regarding the cost and timing of classes on the last page of this site, additional information can be found on our blog.

SOCIAL MEDIA: To help keep those interested up to date with what is happening both on the drawing board and in the shop we have a Facebook page, blog, and an Instagram account for which you can find the links below. We try to use the Facebook page to keep everyone up-to-date on what we are up to in the shop and the designs we may be working on, including building albums of the boats as they are under construction, this can help you gain an understanding of the building process even if the boat you are considering is not posted.

On the Blog some of the boats have write ups about  their build and design, and some of the posts are just simply commentary.

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See a particular model that interests you or would just like to receive a copy of our brochure just head to the contact page and send us a note and we will answer your inquiries or get out a brochure as quickly as we can.


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PT Watercraft books link

Click on the above image to enter the PT Watercraft site which offers a line of e-books aimed at helping the home boat builder to turn out a superior product.Current e-book titles available are: Epoxy Basics, Rolling Perfection and Scarfing Basics.

Link to Noah's Marine web site 

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