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The focus of our business is boats that not only live in your backyard, but can be constructed there. Built of wood by you, who with some time, drive, common sense and the ability to use basic tools. Beginning with a kit, or from scratch using just a set of plans to guide them they have a common goal, getting on the water in a craft they have built.

One of the lines of information we include with the boats is the PPI, this is the pounds per inch immersion. The weight it takes to sink the boat one inch or 2.54 cm, this is included to give you an idea of the effects of loading on the boat. If when you normally paddle the boat it is loaded close to it's capacity and you go away for the weekend and need to add 50 pounds [22.7kg.] of gear a boat with a PPI of 75 pounds [34kg.] it will settle in the water about 3/4" or about 2cm. Telling you that if the boat is properly loaded it should handle the weight with little difference in handling or freeboard.

The capacities that we have listed for kayaks are the capacity around which the boat was designed, the maximum as calculated using the formulas supplied by those who set these limits will be higher. We find for kayaks these numbers are higher than we would ever recommend you load your boat to, always be aware of how you are loading your boat, how the load is balanced, the usage and conditions it will see, as a guide stay with a couple inches of the recommended loading.

For canoes the capacities are listed at various sinkages and the maximum recommend capacity is given with 7" [178mm] free board as set by the standard. 


In addition to plans and kits we offer design services, and can modify one of our existing designs to suit your needs or design an entirely new boat to suit your needs. These options can be coupled with having a boat custom built for you from an existing, custom or semi custom design. Call us to discuss pricing for these services, based on your needs, we are also happy to take on larger projects.

Kit Orders

Noah’s Marine Supply in Toronto supplies our kits, allowing us to offer kits at a much more competitive price point then we are able to on our own.  Your kit will come from Noah’s plan support will still be with us, should you have build questions we are just a short e-mail or phone call away.

Orders can be placed  directly from Noah’s web site, through this site, or by calling us directly to discuss your options. As kits becomes available directly through Noah' s the kit price is underlined and appears in blue, clicking on the highlighted kit price will take you directly to the proper page on the Noah's Marine  web site.

Should you wish to simply prowl around Noah's site to see what they have to offer click on their logo on the left side of the page and this will take you directly to the opening page of their e-commerce site.

We try to keep the kit prices as listed on these pages up to date, should there be a discrepancy treat Noah’s site as correct.


We have begun the process of making some of our plans available in book format, the first of these are now ready and contain the information needed to construct either the Vuntut 10 or 12 pack canoes or the Massasauga 12 kayak. The books can be ordered through this site, or directly from the printer by clicking on the Blurb logo.

At this writing another book style plan is nearing completion on, it covers building the Vuntut 14 pack canoe.

US customers ordering books directly from Blurb can be the most efficient way to get a copy as they ship from the US, removing the seemingly inevitable slowdowns that occur when shipping across the border.

In addition to these we have also provided a link to PT Watercraft on the left side of this page which will take you to their site and the excellent e books that they have on offer. These are a good source of information for anyone contemplating building a boat.

Keeping Up to Date

CLASSES: We have posted information regarding the cost and timing of classes on the last page of this site, additional information can be found on our blog. Our classes and their timing is personalized run at a mutually agreed time based on your schedule.

SOCIAL MEDIA: To help keep you up to date with what is happening both on the drawing board and in the shop we have a Facebook page, blog, and an Instagram account for which you can find the links below. We use the Facebook page to keep everyone up-to-date on what is happening in the shop, designs we are working on, it includes building albums of the boats as they are under construction, this can help you gain an understanding of the building processes.

On the Blog some of the boats have write ups about  their build and design, and some of the posts are just simply commentary.

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See a particular model that interests you? Or would just like to receive a copy of our brochure? Send us a note and we will answer your inquiries or get a brochure out to you as quickly as we can.


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PT Watercraft books link

Click on the above image to enter the PT Watercraft site which offers a line of e-books aimed at helping the home boat builder to turn out a superior product.Current e-book titles available are: Epoxy Basics, Rolling Perfection and Scarfing Basics.

Our kit supplier:

Link to Noah's Marine web site 

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Clicking on the above logo will take you directly to Blurb where our books are available for order.

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