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This page encompasses a variety of boats, those shown on this page are some of my favorites which have yet to be built. Should you desire more information on any of these boats please contact us we would love the opportunity to work with you to make one of these or a custom boat a reality for you.

Rondane 8

This dingy is based on the Norwegian style of pram and is suitable for rowing, sailing and powering with a small outboard motor.

rondane 8 Length: 7' 8 1/2"   2.35m

Beam: 49"   1.24m

Displacement @ 5" (13cm.) draft 325lbs.    147kg.

Draft w/daggerboard 25"    64cm.

Sail area: 35 sq. ft.   3.25m. sq.

Plans $(email/call)

12' Pram

This design was started in response to some inquiries we have had looking for a larger version of the Rondane 8, as with all the designs we have in their preliminary stages, with a potential builder who is serious about the projectwe would be happy to complete the work.

tewlve foot pram

Length: 12'    3.66m.

Beam: 3' 11"  1.16m

Displacement: 500lbs.  226kg.

PPI: 147    67kg.

Sail Area: 75 sq. ft   6.97m. sq.

At the same that the drawing was done for the boat above we did one for a simple skiff. 

twelve foot skiff12' Skiff

Length:12'    3.66m

Beam:4' 4"    1.33m.

Displacement: 300lbs.   136kg.

PPI: 153lbs.   69kg.

Sail Area 70sq. ft.   6.53m. sq.

16' Family Day Boat

This design was developed as a family day boat that offers enough performance to keep those members of the family who want a more sporty boat happy but manageable and comfortable for everyone to enjoy. We also made the decision to stick with  simple stitch & glue construction putting the option of building this boat within the reach of more potential boat builders/sailors. This boat is well on in the design process to the point that we have even had the cost of a kit priced out.

Sail sixteen

Length: 16'    4.88m.

Beam: 5' 10"   1.753m.

Draft: 48"/4"   1.21m./10cm.

Displacement: 650lbs.   294kg.

Sail Area: 180ft. sq.   16.7m. sq.


 18' Trimaran

The  trimaran that we are working on can be disassembled for transport with each component part not weighing more than a kayak, this will enable you to disassemble the boat, load it on the car top and get it to the water. We are aiming to keep the boat as simple as possible for the building process as well as transport and use.

Trimaran eightteen footLength: 18'   5.49m

Beam: 11.8ft.   3.61m.

Designed Displacement: 700lbs.    13m. sq.

Sail area: 140sq. ft.   13m. sq.

18' Sailing/rowing Skiff

eightteen foot sailing and rowing skiff

Length: 18'    5.49m.

Beam: 3' 10"    1.17m

Displacement: 600lbs.   272kg.


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